Command Vehicles

Mobile Command Vehicles (MCVs) play a key role in emergency rescue operations across various fields.

At Necx, we build custom-developed Command Vehicles with world-class infrastructure and value-oriented re-engineering for functional-efficiency and advanced capabilities. From control centers to public safety engines, Necx gets the wheels rolling with a range of command-and-control functions tailored to individual industry vertical needs. We also develop Command Vehicles with in-built satellite communication systems to enable remote, cost-effective mobile data communications for emergency operations management providers.

Industries we serve

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Defence Services
  • Police Departments
  • Mining & Petroleum

Our Key Offerings

As premier speciality/command vehicle manufacturers, we have gone above and beyond to build and deliver innovative and reliable designs using high-tech solutions that cater to your individual business needs.


  • Satellite communication modules for radio signal transmissions among individual operation sites
  • Excellent Command units with built-in comprehensive equipment to carry out respective operations
  • High Operational Efficiency for the transport of Command Materials, Resources and Machinery
  • Emergency and Disaster Communication Vehicles to carry out various field activities

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