In the process of forest management covering the entire landscape of forest is made easier, economical and time efficient by the application of Drones. Drones are built with precision engineering with autonomous technology.



This drone uses the battery power to claim up to a predefined and uses solar power to simultaneously charge the battery and power the propulsion system and with the help of flight controller it can perform autonomous flight for predefined mission through ground station. The solar fixed wing drone can be customized so that we can achieve flight time up to 8 to 10 hrs and it can be customised and scaled so that its flight time can be increased with help of mono or polycrystalline solar cell.

The VTOL Will eliminate the complexity involved in Landing and Take-off in fixed wing drones.


Xera technologies use the additive manufacturing technology to build a world’s first deep analysis of underwater objects. With the application of Artificial Intelligence and collaborating with advanced manufacturing engineering to give a output of a innovative solution of Underwater Drone. The underwater drone is equipped with a robotic arm to assist any engineering works to be undertaken inside the water.

The underwater drone can be effectively used in Dams, Shipping, Defence and research purposes.


Drones can make immediate impacts in wildlife conservation, vegetation cover identification, GIS based inspection, ecological land use maps, etc..

We offer end-to-end surveillance solutions ranging from security hardware and on-site security solutions.

Wind Turbine Inspection

The wind turbine blades are inspected with the drones where an inspector can detect the cracks or abnormalities directly on the ground.

Solar Panel Inspection

Solar panel park are hard to inspect manually where Drone with infra red cameras can inspect the Whole solar park irrespective of its Size.

Railway Line

India has one of the largest and longest network of Railway transportation system. The railway tracks or electric cables needs to the inspected and monitored periodically. Instead of spending more time on the inspection and resources, Drones will inspect and monitor the railway tracks and electric cables and collect and maintain the data. If any abnormalities is founded it will automatically report with photographs will be alerted to the staff members.

The salient features of the project which can include – Drone based monitoring and report

  • Integration of ICT with MIS, GIS and RS
  • Documentation of forest cover change detailing the latitude and longitude
  • Faster exchange of information between the senior officers and the field staff
  • Analysis of forest cover changes?Increased transparency awareness about forest cover change
  • Immediate remedial measures to check forest degradation/encroachment
  • Better fixation of responsibility and accountability
  • Identification of access areas and production
  • Management and monitoring of products generated from Nursery
  • Management of Logistics adding to accountability and responsibility of officials
  • Drone based monitoring and report

Private Site Surveillance

Large sites should be regularly monitored to keep track whether it is being Mis-handled by others. This monitoring system is made automatically several times a day based on the requirements and area of the site. The data is collected and reported to the stakeholders.

Police Surveillance

During festival seasons and other important occasions drone based surveillance is made mandatory because of its real time surveillance. It can greatly prevent extraordinary situations and assist the Police during complicated situations.

Beach Surveillance

Beach is one of the best place to have a drone not even to capture the stunning visuals but also a life saving drone with the Life jackets kept installed at the surface. During the emergency situations the drone will fly to help the person in need of help in the water.

The greatest advantage of having the drone is to view the objects in the new perspective which brings excitement and much details about the object. From short films to professional movies, the drones are designed to assist the movie makers to achieve their fantasies in the screen with the Drones.

The drone is enabled with the Ultra HD cameras or the cameras with the movie makers to install in the drone and capture the stunning visuals to the audience.

The Film drones are capable of capturing the visuals irrespective of the wind and rain.

The disaster management drone is designed especially to assist the disaster auditing team and disaster relief team. Due to it’s accessibility, Drones are perfect to assist the disaster management team. One of the main aspects of Disaster management Drone is that it calculates the amount of damages based on the GPS and GIS. For Example, Last month we have seen the storm called “GAJA” where it takes lot of time and human resources to calculate the loss of trees and agriculture land.
During Floods and other disasters Drones actively participate in delivering the relief materials to the affected people.

Emergency Drone

Emergency Drones are made to available in all government public service offices like Police Station and Railway station. When emergency is reported, the nearest drone presented in the closest public station will directly commence to the reported site and provide valuable information and help the victims.

In the process of forest management covering the entire landscape of forest is made easier, economical and time efficient by the application of Drones. Drones are built with precision engineering with autonomous technology. Since the drone is integrated with GPS and GIS, the surveillance is made effective. Drones can make immediate impacts in wildlife conservation, vegetation cover identification, GIS based inspection, ecological land use maps, etc

Other Salient Features

  • Storm and Fire Damage identification
  • Drought monitoring and density assessment
  • Storm and Fire Damage identification
  • Even the hundreds of hectares/acres of the landscape can be covered in a single flight with high resolution pictures captured by the drone
  • Reduced/No cost and hassle of manpower and manned services.
  • Tree growth and Nursery yield Management
  • Greater resolution than satellite imagery provides also overcoming the limitations of cloud cover in case of Satellite

If Drone has many positive features there are also few negative impacts caused by the drones.


One of the main concern is privacy. The data collected by the drone is only 5m surrounding radius to protect it from the obstacles and even the visuals are stored only in the cloud so even the Drone is lost, the data will be safe.

Human Safety

We have 3D scanning, 3D Motion sensors and Artificial intelligence so that the drone will not affect the human beings. It captures the obstacles even moving obstacles and make its own way without affecting the obstacles.

Just imagine next time when you order your favourite food and you get it delivered to your palce within fraction of minutes by a drone..?


It will be amazing..!!
One of the prime focus is the method of utilising drone in the logistics. With the application of Artificial Intelligence and other sensors it is possible to deliver the food or small packages that you ordered reach you on real time to the correct place, to the correct person. In order to achieve this it is important to have our ”Land pad” which is designed to land the drone in your place irrespective of the place you live. The drone land on the land pad and delivers your product on it. The land pad is designed with sensors and scanners so that the drone lands safely without human intervention.

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